Ranger Team update

The pigs are growing well and spend most of their time in the woodland plantation behind the farm, grazing and rooting through grass and brambles. Pigs are traditional woodland animals and do a great job breaking the ground for new seedlings to grow, and root out and control bramble. Florence and Finlay are Saddleback pigs…

New Arrivals at Pill

New arrivals, Finlay and Florence, have become very friendly in the last few weeks and are greatly enjoying their food. They were the stars of Open Farm Sunday and always happy to dash out of the pig sty for the chance of some food and a scratch behind the ears. They will begin to graze the…

Black Cattle

Over several years our tenant farmer at Trelissick has been developing his beef herd by breeding in Aberdeen Angus and Devon Ruby cattle as opposed to his Friesan dairy followers for his dairy unit. The whole herd is black due to its Angus parentage and look fantastic when grazing in the parkland, especially when viewed from the river and beach….

Help with Woodland Management

Gordon and Huxley, our large black Cornish pigs, have been doing their bit for woodland management by grazing in the woodland plantations on the estate, a very traditional practice, and one of the common law rights of pannage. They do a fantastic job rooting out brambles and clearing windfall apples at this time of year. Pigs are great…

The new log store

Over the last few weeks the volunteer team has been helping with a new structure at Pill Farm, and we recently finished cladding the framework.  Throughout the year we produce logs from fallen and thinned trees which are supplied to the five holiday cottages on the Trelissick estate. Steve, volunteer

Local wildlife

While putting the pigs away the other night I heard a commotion in the Wash Room and against the window there was a sparrowhawk trapped. Fortunately she was easy enough to catch and the stunning little bird was released to the darkness, but not before I’d taken a picture. I recently saw a harvest mouse…

Exotic Species spotted at Pill

A German film crew descended on Pill Farm with a host of exotic species including meerkats, tortoises and bearded dragons. They were filming a sequence for a new Rosamunde Pilcher drama.