Spectacular stinging nettles

Stinging nettle [Urtica Dioica] You will surely have noticed, on your walks around the countryside this spring, the sheer green abundance of armoured Urtica growing in the hedgerows and the woodlands, the footpaths and the fields. Nettles are one of the vegetable world’s richest sources of iron making them invaluable for those who may be suffering from anaemia, during menstruation or just…

New steps at Lamouth Creek

The volunteers have done a fantastic job replacing steps along Lamouth creek using granite and local hedging stone. This provides access to the foreshore along Lamouth creek where the previous steps had been eroded. Hopefully these large granite blocks will hold in position and stabilise the bank.


Dave, our Green Woodworker, has just left for northern Norway on a study tour, looking at Saami culture and craftsmanship. Dave will be blogging details of his trip and we’ll see him back in six weeks time. He’ll be bringing back his knowledge and expertise to share with families during his Saturday woodworking sessions.

Bodgers at Work

Pictures from the latest Bodgers’ Camps  – well done everybody!

Food in the Wood

Saturday 13th April 10.00 – 14.00 £5 per person – all ages welcome. Come down to the woods at Trelissick for a walk around the park, foraging for seasonal wild plants. We’ll cook over an open fire and sample the fresh and tasty cuisine. Spend time around the camp fire learning how to carve a…

Bodgers’ Blog

  The Tremough Campus currach building team made a start last Saturday on a new boat. They completed the first part of the frame construction and, in spite of the cold, made good progress.

Mr Potatohead

Bodgers’ Copse saw the ever enthusiastic volunteer group from Tremough campus last Saturday. As well as repairing the damaged shave horses and pole lathes, the group dived into activity. They helped to clear mud-festooned paths, out-grown tree guards and giving the willow dome a short back & sides. Then on to the serious task of…

Coppicing around the North Woodland Walk

The weather of recent weeks and the Christmas break has hampered our ability to get on with activities outside. However, the rain has finally eased up for a while. So with a full volunteer team and Len, the seasonal woodsman, we got out on the North Woodland Walk at Trelissick, to coppice a section of the…

Green Woodworking Camps

Dave has started the green wood working camps at Trelissick again and he’ll be there every Saturday providing tuition to visitors – families and individuals welcome. People are creating beautiful hand-carved spoons, ladles, Swedish cups and a whole host of other interesting projects. If high winds or heavy rain is forecast, please phone the Trelissick office beforehand-…

Dark Ages Illuminated

Over the past few months, together with the invaluable help of many volunteers, I’ve been unravelling the mysterious and ancient art of currach construction, using materials sourced from the Trelissick estate. The process has been fantastically enjoyable and a lot has been learned about the use of traditional materials, including hazel, chestnut laths, Stockholm tar, jute…

Bodgers’ Camp Winter Break

Dave is helping with a boat building project this month so he won’t be running the Bodgers’ Camps on Saturdays. He will be back for more green woodworking sessions in the parkland in January.  

The importance of leaf clearance

Our volunteer team have been helping to clear autumn leaves  along the north and south woodland walks at Trelissick. Visitors often ask why this is necessary.  As leaves collect on the path and are compacted by foot traffic this can lead to the degradation of the path which will then require repairs. Clearing the leaves…